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  • Alpha E-Tec Plus 33 installed by iPlumb Heating Services Ltd
    Alpha E-Tec Plus 33
  • Alpha Evoke 33 installed by iPlumb Heating Services Ltd
    Alpha Evoke 33
  • Alpha E-Tec Plus 33 installed by iPlumb Heating Services Ltd
    Alpha E-Tec Plus 33 LPG
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With over 30 years experience, our engineers have seen, done and worked on every type of wet central heating system, whether it is a small installation or a bespoke system to run a few radiators on a canal boat, powered by a back boiler in a solid fuel stove in conjunction with the engine.
There isn't much that we have not carried out or designed.
All of our installations are Boiler Plus Compliant, to make sure you have the most efficient system possible.

Deals on Boiler Replacement

System Boiler

  • Alpha E-Tec System Boiler

Alpha E-Tec System Boiler, Supplied, Installed with System Powerflushed from £1,399.00 with upto 8 years Manufactures parts and Labour warranty.

Combination Boiler

  • Alpha E-Tec 38 Plus Combination Boiler warranty from 10 years

Alpha E-Tec Plus Combination Boiler, Supplied, Installed with System Powerflushed from £1,499.00 with up to 13 years Manufactures parts and Labour warranty.

Regular Boiler

  • Alpha E-Tec Regular boiler with 7 years warranty

Alpha E-Tec Regular Boiler, Supplied, Installed with System Powerflushed from £1,280.00 with 7 years Manufactures parts and Labour warranty.

  • What boiler will you fit? Is it a cheap boiler?

    We will only fit boilers with a stainless steel heat exchanger, usually the boiler is an Alpha the main reason for this is that we have been installing these for years.

    We are also the local Alpha Service Agent, so that means we carry spares and knowledge to repair it, should the unforeseeable happen.

    Sometimes we will use a Viessman or Vailant, but that is dependant upon your unique situation.

    Some boilers are manufactured with aluminium heat exchangers and are cheaper, but in our experience, we have seen that the corrosion from the aluminium and the condense has blocked the condense waste, caused problems with flueing of combustion products and have damaged the heat exchanger beyond repair. With Stainless Steel this should not happen.

  • Do I really need to have my system power flushed with the new boiler?

    In a single word YES!

    We will not install a new boiler on a system that has not been powerflushed by ourselves. Powerflushing is best practice and Building Regs. I know the argument that installing a heating filter on the return to the boiler will protect it, and in our experience, relying upon that heating filter is a waste of time and your money, yes by all means install filter, it will help to protect your boiler in the future, but at the end of the day if your system has not been power flushed properly that filter can get overloaded and will not protect your boiler. Remember, that you are paying out a large junk of money and we want to ensure the new boiler will last for ages. If you want to know more about PowerFlushing please click here

  • I may not be able to afford a new boiler can you offer finance?

    We do not actually offer finance, but we are an introducer to a company called Improveeasy Ltd. (please see the footer note at the bottom of this page). The way it would work is, we provide you with a free no obligation quotation for your heating requirements, as long as we are installing an Alpha boiler, then we can sit down and go through some finance options with you. We do this by going to a special portal that we have access to. This portal will show what terms the finance will be and what the repayments are over your chosen period of repayment. Obviously any deposit you can manage would help reduce the repayments. Once you are happy with that, we will then pass on your requirements and Improveeasy Ltd will contact you. Once the finance has been agreed we then arrange a date to cary out the works as quoted. We are payed direct upon completion of the works, so there is no worry about receiving monies, to pay us.

  • What if I want Boiler Breakdown Cover?

    If you have a really old boiler then Breakdown Cover can save you a lot of money, but if the boiler is new, we believe it is a waste of money. Most boilers come with an extensive warranty and in many cases that warranty is upto 13 years parts and labour on every component in the boiler, providing you have it serviced annually, so in our opinion it is not worth wasting your money, when the manufactures will cover all parts and labour in the event of a breakdown.

    You would be better of saving that monthly/yearly premium for a rainy day. What we will do is to ensure you have your boiler serviced annually. We will send you out an annual reminder to have your boiler serviced and you pay us to service the boiler. In the event of a system failure e.g a control fault, leak on the system, that is not covered by the boiler manufacture then call us and we will carry out the repair at a reasonable cost.

    There are plenty of Companies out there that will cover not only your boiler but also other items as well, if you are looking for peace of mind, then please search for that cover, but this is something we can not offer.

  • What If I do not want Boiler Break Down Cover?

    We will carry out a full annual service to your gas appliances, and in the event of a breakdown you will be charged at our hourly rates or on a price, unless of course you are still covered by the manufactures warranty.

  • What length of Warranty will I get?

    We mainly install Alpha Boilers as their warranties are longer than other manufactures.
    On an Alpha E-Tec Regular boiler that’s 7 years.
    On an Alpha E-Tec Plus System boiler that’s 5 years, 8 years if installed with an Alpha Premier Pack.
    On an Alpha E-Tec Plus Combination boiler that’s 10 years, 13 years in installed with an Alpha Premier Pack.
    The only stipulation with the warranty, the boiler must be serviced yearly, which we can carry out, at a fixed rate.

  • What happens if the Boiler you install, Breaks down?

    In the unlikely event of a breakdown please call us first before you call the manufacture. Nine times out of Ten, the issuet can be resolved over the phone, but as one of our customers you will receive a speedy response from us, and we will deal with the manufacture to cover any warranty costs.

    Please remeber it is imperitive to have your boiler annual services to keep your warranty valid.