Combination Boiler

Alpha E-Tec 38 Plus Combination Boiler warranty from 10 years

Alpha E-Tec Plus Combination Boiler, Supplied, Installed with System Powerflushed from £1,499.00 with up to 13 years Manufactures parts and Labour warranty.

The Alpha E-Tec Plus Combination boiler comes with a 10 years Parts and Labour Warranty which can be turned into 13 years if we install an Alpha Premier Pack.

The E-Tec Plus Combination boiler is perfect replacement boiler for those homes that have a current Combination boiler or currently has a Regular boiler and Cylinder whereby those two individual items coupled with your Cold Storage Cisterns in the loft space will be removed, providing you with more space around the home. With Hot water on demand, energy bills from keeping a cylinder heated up will decrease.

The added advantage of a Combination boiler to a Regular boiler and Cylinder, is providing you have a decent water main flow and pressure, would in many instances, will increase your hot water pressure and flow rate at your taps and Showers. These boilers are also perfect if you want to install the boiler in a loft space thus freeing up vital space and coupled with the Alpha Climatic RF Programmable Room Thermostat control of the heating and hot water temperatures are easily done with out the need to access the boiler. The E-Tec Plus Combination boiler is available in different KW of heat output which is perfect for the smallest to the largest homes.

If you have more than one bathroom, then the addition of the Alpha FlowSmart System can greatly increase your hot water delivery and will out perform unvented hot water cylinders.

With the addition of the Alpha Solar Smart System higher energy bills can be reduced.

We prefer the Alpha Heating Innovation's boiler to any other on the market as Alpha are innovative with it's research and design, producing a long lasting product, which will out see its warranty for many years.

As standard the E-Tec Plus comes with a 10 years warranty, we highly recommend the installation of the Alpha Premier Pack, which includes the Alpha Cyclone Plus, an innovative magnetic filter on the return to the boiler. This addition will add a further 3 years warranty making the boiler warranty 13 years.

With every boiler we install, we will carry out a full Power Flush to your central heating system prior to installing your new boiler. If you haven't read up on what Power Flushing is, please visit our dedicated Power Flushing page here.

  • 10 - 13 year warranty (subject to additional products)
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger
  • High efficiency Grundfos pump and hydroblock assembly
  • Combined condensate and pressure relief valve connection
  • Zinc plated expansion vessel to prevent corrosion
  • Integrated filling loop

Supplied and Fitted from £1,499.00 + VAT at the relevant rate. Subject to site survey.

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