COVID-19 and Unable to Get Tested

COVID-19 News Post by iPlumb Heating Services

Both Andrew and I have come down with a cold/virus and as many know the COVID symptoms are similar to a common cold.

Obviously, given the whole COVID-19 situation this isn't good for us or our customers. So for the next few weeks we need to keep monitoring our situation to be able to provide our customers with the best service we can provide over the phone, even if we cannot attend.
Although my symptoms are similar to having contracted COVID-19, I have been trying on average 4 times a day to get tested, this has proved impossible, as the site https://test-for-coronavirus.service.gov.uk reports back that we have no tests sites available.

This was also reported in the Basingstoke Gazette on the 11th September, that there are no test sites for residents of Basingstoke https://www.basingstokegazette.co.uk/news/18713851.no-coronavirus-test-appointments-available/. Obviously as we are working in peoples homes, we need to be tested as soon as we have symptoms so we can inform the customers that we have been to recently.

I have telephoned 119 a few times and they state that they can only see the same available slots to get tested as I can see online, I did manage to get a confirmation of the local test site, which is in Fleet, which I find absolutely disgusting, that we have nothing in Basingstoke. I know that during the lockdown there was 2 sites in Basingstoke, 1 only a 5 minute walk from my home, and given that social distancing was reduced and that the pubs opened up, one would think that we would have testing facilities in each town. Apart from food shopping, walking my dog and working, I haven't had any contact with anyone.

Regardless of the fact I could find and turn up at a testing site, you can't get tested unless you have been booked over the phone with 119 or at the website above, So that's absolutely amazing... Isn't it!!!

I personally feel that the closure of these test sites, and inability to get a home test kit, and my GP Surgery at CrownHeights to refer me to the test website, is absolutely disgusting, the government seriously do not care about the health and wealth of small businesses and it's especially true, as I get no financial help from the government. Fortunately I can furlough Andrew, but how are we to survive as a business.

I know this sounds like a bit of doom and gloom, but despite feeling ill, I am trying to keep positive, and still trying each day to get tested, but I feel this will never happen.

In the meantime, if you are an existing customer of ours, please email or text us if you need any plumbing and heating assistance, if we are still unable to work, I will be able to recommend you on to a trusted rival business.

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