Internet Enabled Programable Room Thermostat

Salus iT500 Room Thermostat

Our current offer is to supply and install a programmable room thermostat and hot water programmer that you can access over the internet.

Salus iT-500 Supplied and Fitted For £199.99 inc VAT.

Before we can install the Salus iT-500 you need to make sure you have internet access in your home (preferable Broadband), and that your router has a spare RJ45 port, and you will also need a spare power socket near your router.

We will attend and install the control unit in the airing cupboard and wire up to your existing heating controls, your current hot water/heating programmer and room thermostat will become redundant. The main unit will either be situated where your original room thermostat was located or you can have the iT500 thermostat on a stand, to be placed pretty much anywhere.

Once we have enabled the Salus iT-500 on the internet, we will install the app to your iPhone or Android phone (from the relevant App Store) and set you up.

The basic model will provide access for Heating and Hot Water controls. If you require a 2nd room thermostat for another zone, or wish to have one of these for controlling a combination boiler (one that heats the water as required), then please let us know when you contact us so we can provide you with a price.

More information on the iT-500 can be found on the Salus Website

If you wish to take advantage of this offer, please contact us on 01256 520 999 or fill out the form below.

Categories: Heating Controls

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