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    Boiler Estimator

    Our Replacement Estimator has been desgined by us, so we can gather as much information to provide you with an almost perfect Replacement Costing.

    Once we receive a copy of the Estimation, we will require a site visit to ensure that the information you provide is actuate and that the Estimation is correct.

    This visit is to ensure you have the correct price for a boiler replacement and that nothing has been added needlesly.

    The visit is Free (dependant upon distance) and you are under no obligation to accept the final quotation.

    As a Company we hate the "hard sell" approach and you can be assured, that this is not the way we operate.

    The Estimator doesn't ask for any Personal Details unless you wish to proceed with the finalisation of a Formal Quotation.

    Once we receive the completed estimation, we will contact you within 24hrs to discuss your requirements and arrange a site visit.

    If you can't wait for a Call Back from us, please feel free to Call Us once you have submitted the form, but generaly during business hours.

    If you require finance, there is a step towards the end which will provide an example of repayments based upon your answers on the form.

  • Step1

    Boiler Estimator - Step 1

    Tell us about your home.

    What type of home do you have?
    How Many Bedrooms do you have?
    How Many Bathrooms do you have?


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  • Step2

    Boiler Estimator - Step 2

    Tell us about your heating system. (Part 1 of 2)


    Current Boiler
    What Type of Boiler do you currently have?
    Is the current boiler a condensing boiler?

    The Term "Condensing Boiler" is typically confused with the Term "Combination Boiler". The terms are not the same.

    Condensing Boiler

    As the flue gases are used to pre-heat part of the heat exhanger to aid in efficiency of the boiler, and so condesne is created. This condense water has to be discharged into a drain, as it is acidic. The usual give away is a small white plastic pipe exiting from the bottom of the boiler and running to a drain.

    Combination Boiler

    A Combination boiler is a boiler that provides heat to the radiators and will heat hot water on demand when a hot water tap is opened. Typically you will not have a seperate hot water cylinder.

    Current Boiler Location

    Please Select the Current Location of your existing Boiler Installation

    You need to Select The Current Boiler Location
    Do you have a Back Boiler and Fire?

    Back Boilers are no longer manufactured and therefore can not be installed.

    We ask this question as there is extra factors to consider when removing a back boiler.

    Flue Termination

    Please estimate your current boiler's flueing situation in the section below. If your current boiler flue is encased or inaccessable please check the box at the end of the section, some information, no matter how vague is better than none, in providing you with an estimation.

    Where is your Boiler Flue Terminating?

    Please use the slider to indicate your estimating of the current flue pipe length

    This field is required

    45 or 90 Degree bends count as a single bend

    This field is required


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  • Step3

    Boiler Estimator - Step 3

    Tell us about your heating system. (Part 2 of 2)


    Do you have Microbore Pipework?

    Microbore Pipework is sized either 8mm or 10mm diameter, and Small bore pipework is 15mm diameter.

    Radiators and Towel Rails

    We need to know the total number of Radiators, including Towel Rails that you have in your home so we can calculate how long the powerflushing of your heating system will take. Please note that we will not install a new boiler unless we have power flushed your heating system.

    You can read more about Power Flushing here.

    Please enter the number of radiators including towel rails.

    This field is required
    System Controls

    All Heating Systems have some sort of Programmer and Thermostat to control the heating system. Please select from the list below, which Control Option you would like the new Boiler to be controlled by.


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  • Step4

    Boiler Estimator - Step 4


    Installation Options

    Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV's)

    Would you like new Thermostatic Radiator and Locksheild Valves fitted during the Boiler Installation?

    Is the new boiler a "Straight Swap"

    A Straight Swap boiler installation, is where the boiler is installed in the same position as the existing boiler, the flue will terminate in the same place as the original.
    However, for example: If we are replacing a Regular Boiler and Hot water Cylinder with a Combination Boiler, to install the New Boiler in the same location could prove difficult due to the physical size of the Boiler and running extra pipework. It might be better to choose a better location like an Airing Cupboard, especially as the Hot Water Cylinder is going to be removed.
    In that case you Select "No" and choose a Proposed Installation site below.

    Proposed Boiler Location

    Please Select the Proposed Boiler Installation Location

    You need to Select The Proposed Boiler Location
    What Type of Boiler would you like?
    Replacing Hot Water Cylinder

    Would you like the estimator to include a cost to replace the existing hot water cylinder?

    Hot Water Cylinder Details
    Existing Cylinder Type
    • A Vented Hot Water Cylinder will be supplied from a Cold Storage Cistern usually located in the Loft or Attic, The Cistern location will always be higher than the Hot Water Cylinder. Typical Cylinder colour is Green, Blue or Yellow.
    • An Un-Vented Hot Water Cylinder is supplied directly from the Incoming Water Main and therefore will not have a Cistern in the loft. These are usualy White in Colour.
    New Cylinder Type
    • When replacing an Existing Vented Hot Water Cylinder, we will supply and install a Stainless Steel Cylinder instead of a Copper Cylinder.
    • If you have an existing Vented Cylinder and would like an Un-Vented Hot Water Cylinder, we will need to make sure you have sufficient incoming mains pressure and flowrate. The recommendation is 5bar pressure and at least 20 litres per minute flow rate.


  • Step5

    Boiler Estimator - Step 5

    Estimated Install Options

    Type your input data here

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    Do you Require Finance?
    Finance Calculator

    Enter a Deposit amount in Pounds

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    This should be pre-filled out and can't not be changed

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    This should be pre-filled out from your Selected Option above.

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    Please Selelct how many years you wish to replay the loan over.

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    Monthly Payment:

    Disclaimer: The above Repayment Calculator is availibe to provide you a rough idea of what you could repay per month based upon the Selected Option, and as the Options above are an Estimation of the required Works they are not a Formal Quotation, therefore any monthly repayments shown are not a gaurantee of what will be offered by The Finance Company.


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  • Step6

    Thank you for trying out our Boiler Replacement Estimator.

    If you would like to proceed with a Quotation based upon your answers to our questions then please fill out your details below and we will get in touch.

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